Felipe Montoro Jens, a Renowned Infrastructure Projects Expert, Reports on the Ongoing Infrastructure Auctions

According to Infrastructure Projects expert Felipe Montoro Jens, the Brazilian government is keen on having 18 infrastructure auctions done over the last third of this year. The expert reported that the government has chosen not to be swayed by the ongoing political season and has its eyes focused on the ball. This is being rolled out in conjunction with the Investment Partnerships Program (PPI) under the leadership of Tarcisio Gomes de Freitas, the project coordination secretary. The secretary was recently quoted saying that everything will be handled within four months as the schedule will be observed to the letter. He, however, acknowledged the challenge of shedding-off criticism and provocations from private investors who had vested interests in the projects.

The Situation as It Is

Felipe Montoro Jens is of the opinion that the greatest obstacle to increased productivity in Brazil is an inadequacy in infrastructure. This view is also held by Gomes de Freitas who urges Brazilians to support the concessions that the government and private investors are putting in place. He argues that with a proper management of the situation, the private sector has the required capacity to modernize infrastructure in the country.

The private sector presents a good employment creation hub according to Felipe Montoro Jens. The success of the projects developed over this period will attract more private sector players in the infrastructure industry. He argues that the transaction in April this year that led to the auctioning of transmission lines is the largest project yet to be seen in the infrastructure industry.

The Future

Gomes de Freitas is optimistic that the Brazilian government is committed to a pro-business approach to the private sector. With Michel Temer having taken over the presidency in Brazil, Felipe is also convinced that the future of private investments in infrastructure is bright. He reported that Temer’s one year in office had yielded R $ 23 billion in infrastructure investments. Investment Partnerships Program has also completed 44 auctions over that period.

Gregory Aziz: Facing The Odds With National Steel Car

The world of Gregory James Aziz is full of careful business decisions and quality results. From the time that he first started in the business world, he knew that he wanted to head his own company. After graduating with a degree in Economics from the University of Western Ontario, Aziz started working for the family business in 1971. The family business was Affiliated Foods, a grocery supply company. Today, they are a major company and James Aziz was part of that growth. He learned a lot about products and suppliers from his position. Affiliated Foods became one of the first companies of its kind to start importing good from overseas. They had a variety of foods from Europe all the way to South America. This variety and quality are some of the reasons that Affiliated Foods started booming.


Gregory Aziz wanted that for himself. He enjoyed working at the family business but had always had the intent to create something on his own. After 16 years at Affiliated Foods, he left and started considering other business opportunities. In 1994, Dofasco gave him the perfect opportunity when they put National Steel Car on the market. National Steel Car was a freight car manufacturing plant that had been founded in 1912. Up until the Great Depression, they enjoyed widespread success. Even though they started to decline, National Steel Car spread out their business and started producing other things to survive. Eventually, with the onset of WWII, the company sprang back to life. Decline was soon on the heels of the small company once again; however, and Dofasco was looking for a way out. Click Here for additional information.



Aziz readily bought the company located in Hamilton, Ohio and quickly turned it into one of the world’s foremost freight car manufacturers and engineering plants. The company is one of the few companies worldwide that hold the ISO 900I: 2008. This certification is just the beginning. Soon after purchase, National Steel Car started gaining a reputation for impeccable quality. This drew the attention of many and in two years they earned the TTX SECO highest quality award. They have maintained this honor since that day and it is a feather in the cap for Aziz. Not only did Aziz succeed in honoring the heritage of National Steel Car but he also created something that was uniquely different at the same time. This company has proven that sometimes it isn’t over until it’s over.


More: https://about.me/greg.aziz

Drew Madden: Contributing to the Growth of the US Healthcare Sector through IT

The US spends a fortune in the healthcare sector annually compared to other first-world nations, but the impact of this spending is not being felt in the form of superior outcomes. The healthcare sector in the country is also worth a whopping $3 trillion dollars yet the number of entrepreneurs in the healthcare industry as many as one would imagine. Many entrepreneurs avoid getting into the healthcare sector because they simply do not understand it. The industry is, therefore, a neglected and feared investment class since it is very heavily regulated and it is far from a free market. However, things are starting to move in the right direction.

Investment in the Healthcare Sector

Companies such as CVS and Amazon are driving the consumerization of healthcare. There are reports that CVS is looking to buy the health insurance giant, Aetna, while Amazon is making inroads in pharmacy licenses. Reports say that Amazon is looking at venturing into the distribution of healthcare-related equipment. Additionally, the US government has invested in ensuring health data is unlocked from electronic health record companies and availed to innovators to create value. Consequently, healthcare innovation initiatives such as Healthdata.gov, Argonaut Project, Open Data Conference, Startup America, and Open Innovator’s Toolkit have been launched.

About Drew Madden

Drew Madden is part of the innovators looking to unlock the potential of the US healthcare industry. He is a healthcare information technology expert, executive, and entrepreneur in the healthcare industry. He is currently working as a managing partner at Evergreen Healthcare Partners, which is set on providing multiple EHR platforms advisory and implementation services in the healthcare sector. Drew Madden is skilled in Epic systems, HIPAA, EHR, CPOE, electronic medical records (EMR),software documentation and implementation, process improvement, and business development, among others, His role at the company is, therefore, to highlight the importance of people in specialized healthcare technology. He is also responsible for building an attractive and unique corporate culture, team building, and working on trusted client partnerships at the firm.

Education and Work Experience

Drew Madden has a BSE in Industrial Engineering (Medical Systems) from the University of Iowa, He has previously worked in the healthcare IT sector in companies such as Ingenix Consulting, Cerner Corporation, and Nordic Consulting Partners Inc. His roles in these companies included as an integration consultant, senior Epic consultant, regional sales director, vice-president and president.

Gregory James Aziz: Man of Steel

National Steel Car is a steel car manufacturing company based in Ontario, Canada. For the past 100 years, it’s been one of the leading companies in North America. Maintain such a powerful hold over an industry for that long is not an easy task. It basically takes a village to keep something like that alive that long.


A lot goes into keeping a 100-year-old business thriving. Any business is hard to maintain, but one that involves engineering and dealing with customers all the time is gut-wrenching. Despite the challenges, National Steel Car’s managed to uphold high standards and continues its impeccable reputation.


Currently, that reputation is preserved in the acts of Gregory J. Aziz. Mr. Aziz’s been the CEO of the company since 1994. Usually called Gregory J Aziz, he’s the humblest CEO the companies ever had. He rarely takes credit for anything himself, even when it was his brilliance that led to success.

He’d rather give the credit to those who deserve it: the employees. He even thanks all of the customers and suppliers for their part in making the company great. Now, he’s focused on doing whatever it takes for the greater good of the company.


In Aziz’s opinion, the workforce is the cornerstone of the company. He can’t imagine running the company without those same people by his side. He grows increasingly close to them and to the surrounding community. It’s because of them that the company’s so dynamic and diverse.

And it’s because of Gregory J Aziz that National Steel Car is an award-winning company. For over a decade, National Steel Car’s received the TTX SECO award. They’ve received this award because of Aziz’s no-failure attitude. Thanks to Aziz, National Steel Car hasn’t missed a deadline since he became CEO.


That kind of dedication is what makes National Steel Car number one. Even though the company’s achieved more success than most, it’s never enough. Aziz continues to push his workforce and raises the bar so that they’re never comfortable with past excellence. The future is only better when they continue striving for greatness.


Over the past 100 years, National Steel Car has formed a tight bond with the local community. With Aziz in charge, he’s forming an even closer bond.

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Know your health risks with Life Line Screening

Our wellness is an issue that we should take care of. Our health should be a priority that should not be ignored at all. It comes first at all times. People who take time to take care of health know the benefits that come with such actions. In the era we are living in, there are many causes of health issues. The lifestyles have changed a lot and the diseases have also increased. People are no longer able to observe dietary habits that enable us to live safely. People have also been reluctant to take body exercises that will make them live safe lives.

The way to deal with health problems is by having regular visits to health facilities that will check for health issues that may be developing within our bodies. In Texas, U. S, there is a wellness company that is focused on helping the society deal with such issues. This is a company that provides services in all parts of the country. The company is dedicated to making the society safe by helping us detected the problems that we are facing. Many are the times that we will develop health problems without knowing. These problems will develop over time and finally make our health to deteriorate.

Life Line Screening is a company has helped thousands of American deal with health issues. They provide screening services that are supposed to detect even the minor issues that are underlying in the body. The company has advanced tests that are able to test for all problems that may be in our bodies. Some of the tests are the ultrasound and blood tests. Blood tests are meant to make it possible to test for minor problems that may not be detected through other tests. The company offer services in all parts of the country. People should hurry up and take their services.

Before going for Life Line Screening, there is a number of things that should be done. There is a procedure that should be observed as one prepares to visit a life Line facility for testing. About 4 hours before screening tests are done, a patient should not take any food. The only things that allowed to be taken are water or coffee with small contents of sugar. Patients should also make sure that they wear loose clothes to allow the examiner to make tests easily. Ladies are advised to leave jewelry at home when going for tests.

Read More: www.inc.com/profile/life-line-screening

One Charitable Step at a Time with Eric Lefkofsky

Eric Lefkofsky is the Founder and CEO of a tech company called Tempus. Tempus is at the heart of Eric Lefkofsky’s life. It is a company that has built a program to help aid in the fight against cancer.

Eric Lefkofsky is an entrepreneur as well. He has been the face of many companies like MediaBank, Echo Global, and Uptake. He is also one of the most caring and giving men in his community and there is no better example of that than the Eric Lefkofsky Family Foundation.

The foundation is headed by Eric and his wife Liz. They believe strongly in giving back to education, human rights, the medical profession, and arts and culture. The foundation helps with several institutions in these areas.

Some examples in the education bracket include After School Matters, Citizen Schools, The Success Project, and Teach for America. The first program allows teens to take part in positive after-school programs to better the community in which they live. Citizen Schools work with children to extend the school for those who need help in academics. The Success Project is a group that helps students in the Chicago area make the transition from middle school to high school. The group gives the kids the best chance to succeed in school as well as life. Teach for America is a group that teaches their core membership how to be good and effective leaders in the community. These members go into Chicago classrooms and teach children how to become effective leaders for the future of the community but the country as a whole.

Eric and Liz Lefkofsky believe whole-heartedly in giving the future generations the best possible chance of success. They have given organizations like the ones mentioned earlier the best chance to get a positive foothold in the city of Chicago and surrounding areas.

The education of the next generation is but one of the areas in which the Eric and Liz Lefkofsky Foundation contribute. They may only be two people but they are trying to make the biggest difference. These are two people to learn much from.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/eplefkofsky/

Brian Torchin: Innovative Healthcare Professional

Lulu said that Brian Torchin ranks among the best healthcare recruiters in the medical industry today. As the founder of Health Care Recruitment Counselors’ (HCRC) Staffing, a globally recognized healthcare recruiting company, he has successfully placed medical professionals and staffed medical companies for years.

His experience in leading medical facilities in Delaware, Pennsylvania, and Florida make him equally skilled in management as he is in placement.

Media outlets like CNN, DigitalJournal.com, and Glassdoor have featured Brian Torchin as an innovative business leader. His largely successful career in business is preceded by an education at the University of Delaware, where he obtained a Bachelor’s of Exercise Science.

He went on to graduate from New York Chiropractic College and practice as a chiropractor, which inspired his future pursuits in creating quality care facilities run by talented healthcare professionals.

Those who benefit from his services highly recommend Brian Torchin. Celebrated chiropractor, Dr. Mayer Green, has boasted of the president of HCRC Staffing as practicing with unmatched honesty and professionalism. This is clearly represented in Torchin’s patient-first approach to his treatment methods and business.

Torchin acknowledges the importance of a stress-free, comfortable environment for his patients, and this is yet another reason why he is unparalleled in the field of health care professional recruitment and healthcare.

More can be learned about Torchin and his business, HCRC Staffing, through his professional LinkedIn page. He is also active on Twitter and Facebook.

Various promotions, outreaches, and updates are often posted using these modalities. Additionally, these social media accounts are used effectively as recruitment tools to find the best healthcare providers in the field.

The Sponsors of the 2017 Dallas Women’s Foundation Annual Luncheon

NexBank SSB is a regional bank with its headquarters in Dallas. This year the bank proudly sponsored the 32nd annual luncheon of the Dallas Women’s Foundation. The bank offered $100,000 to support the foundation in promoting women’s welfare regarding economic security and leadership. The event was hosted at the Hilton Anatole Hotel in Dallas on the 20th of October 2017.

The luncheon featured Dr. Hope Jahren as the keynote speaker. Dr. Jahren is an award-winning cum best-selling author. The keynote addressed was streamed live to 20 schools and more than 10,000 students across Dallas. The Dallas Women Foundation holds this event every year and is graced by over 13,000 leaders from the community, civic and business world. The foundation ranks top among the globe’s largest regional women’s fund. The Dallas Women’s foundation prides as a leader in facilitating improvements in the social and economic welfare of women and girls.

NexBank is the 12th largest bank in Texas ranks at position 179 among the largest banks in the US. Since its establishment in 1922, the bank has grown its asset value to $7.6 as of 30thSeptember 2017. The bank’s money market rates triple the national average, and the bank boasts an A health rating.

As a financial institution, NexBank offers a range of financial services to meet the needs of its customers. These services include Mortgage banking, commercial banking, and institutional services. NexBank provides tailored financial banking services to its clients who include financial institutions, corporations, institutional customers and individual clients across the nation.

NexBank Services

NexBank is committed to facilitating its clients meet various complex financial needs. The available banking services include commercial lending, credit services, agency services, commercial real estate lending, treasury management, and correspondent banking. The bank offers warehouse lending and Wholesale and corresponding lending as part of their mortgage services. NexBank’s institutional services include Real estate advisory, investment banking, financial institutions, public funds and treasury management. Personal banking services include savings services, checking and mortgages.

NexBank endeavors to deliver high value at every opportunity. The bank has experienced experts with proven track records of success, and their core mandate is to provide incomparable access to sophisticated and customized solutions

American Institute of Architects Role in Healthcare and Technology

     The American Institute of Architects (AIA) is an architectural group that provides education, community development and the creation of an excellent public image. AIA established in 1857, New York and its current headquarters are in Washington DC. The institute has five level of membership; architect members, associate members, international associate members, Emeritus members and allied members. AIA has been through many leaders since its inception, but the current president Robert Ivy has created a more extensive portfolio of the organization through his unique methods.

While the American Institute of architects stresses on building, design, and construction, Robert Ivy, pushes architects to think broader from this horizon. Robert believes that architecture is not a one dimension career and can apply to disaster mitigation and health improvement. By feeding on Robert ivy positive energy diversification in the field, AIA has fledged on building in the public health and disaster relief programs. AIA will offer high education grants on community projects and invest in the creation f mobile phone applications as well as softwares.

Robert ivy while speaking to the SmartPlanet emphasized the importance of design to healthcare. Design goes all the way from the draining of swamps in Washington to the design of central park in New York. The park came up with the aim removing substandard buildings and creating a recreational space which has improved the public health. AIA has also ensured that the new generation of architectures is committed to coming up with plans of buildings that touch on health. Public health in construction should be looked into carefully because it affects the rate of transmission of communicable diseases such as diabetes. The conventional designs ensure buildings have access to sunlight, clean air, and water. A Model can affect a wide range of people.it is therefore essential to build on designs that are sensitive to public health.

With the leadership of Robert ivy AIA looking forward to building mobile apps. The development process has been through Hackathons, competitions whereby the best idea carries the day. The growth of mobile applications will help in the building process as well as supplement the already existing applications.

Robert Ivy graduated with a bachelor’s of arts from the University of South and gained masters in architecture from the University of Tulane. He is an excellent communicator as evidence from his many speeches in international events. Robert has served as a commissioner for the Venice architecture Biennale and had a couple of publications to his name. Before joining AIA, he worked as an executive in the McGraw-Hill constructions. At AIA, he has touched on the effects of architecture on the climate and earned various awards.

Online Therapy Ingenuity & How Talkspace Is Changing The Game

Therapy is a service that will always be in demand because people will always experience some form of mental or emotional distress. To simply state it, life is full of challenges and no one is immune to its effects. On the other hand, therapy sessions can be extremely high-priced and most people just don’t have the funding to participate in the services. Here is where online therapy comes into the frame, and it is making a dramatic statement in a positive way. Talkspace is the modern way of receiving therapy sessions, and it can be used via smartphone, tablet or computer.

This company has well-over 1,000 licensed professionals, and all of them have had a thorough background check. This ensures the client by giving him/her peace of mind. As with all traditional therapists, the client’s information is fully-confidential. You also wouldn’t have to worry about being judged. The stigma of visiting a therapist is what actually keeps people from getting the help they so dearly deserves. One of the great things about Talkspace is that it can be performed right from the comfort of your home. At $32 per week, Talkspace has drastically cut the standard costs by more than half. It would be hard trying to find another similar provider with this much clout. The options are nearly endless. There is even a couples therapy session here, which starts at around $59 per week.

Online therapy has taken off as of late, and it won’t be slowing down anytime soon. Unfortunately, many people experience issues on a regular basis. Depression, death, fear and anxiety can all be effectively handled under the safest possible conditions. What more is there to say? Talkspace is the future of therapy in modern day society, and it’s leading by example.