Amazing Leadership Skills from a Woman, Lori Senecal

Lori Senecal holds the Global CEO position in Crispin Porter + Bogusky commonly referred to as CP+B. At some point in her life, Lori talked about the best ways to build conversations that end up bringing innovative and creative ideas. She believes that the perfect way to come up with those fantastic ideas is to let them flow from people’s minds. A few years ago, Lori decided to educate the KBS+ employees on how to be innovators. Most companies are used to pass ideas for the employees to work on them, but none of them have been able to improve their employees’ power of the mind.

The only way to tap into the workers’ power of the mind can be achieved by providing a free space for management and the employees. Such an environment allows discussions between the two, and this is where new ideas can come from, including the implementation process. The management can also move an extra mile and offer their employees with the resources as well as mentoring and guidance. Disclosing the company’s goals to the employees increases the output because this strategy integrates the workforce. Several ways can bring the innovative thinking spirit such as coming up with challenges, contests, innovation days, platforms, strategy reviews and much more. Lori Senecal held a competition at KBS+, which was meant to recognize the employees with the best innovative ideas. The winners were two young workers who came up with a stunning idea that has so far proved to be worthy and amazing.

In her statement on Ad Week, the whole point of involving employees is the fact that they also feel excited when an idea they brought becomes successful. Feeling part of the company makes the employees work extra hard to achieve the organization’s goals. Lori Senecal is a woman known for her expertise and leadership skills. She has an eye for recognizing talent, and this has led to CP+B growth and success. The company deals with advertisements, and they have been branded as the Creativity Innovators of the Year. Lori has steered the company to enormous growth. Lori has worked for other enterprises including KBS and in different offices of the McCann Worldgroup. Lori can positively transform companies. Read more about Lori on


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