Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin; Leaders in the Fight against the Violation of Human Right

Currently, every country is going through a few changes here and there both socially and economically. The changes either influence a positive or negative impact on the society involved. According to stats, the adverse effects mostly affect low-class earners in the community who are believed to hold the largest share of the population.

As a result, a new trend has emerged as the affected try to seek welcoming environment while on the other the privileged try to take advantage of them.

However, thanks to civilization, today every country is taking the front line when it comes to protecting the rights of its citizens regardless of his or her social status.

With the rising cases of immigrants, political instabilities, warfare, and oppressions among many other more inhuman acts, there was a need to initiate a system that protects everyone in the society. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: https://twitter.com/JimLarkin_ and https://about.me/michael-lacey

Sociologists say that human rights are what define how people are supposed to exist in every society. In simple terms, human rights limit the boundaries at which one can close and that which he or she can never exceed when it comes to correlating with each other in the community.

Over the past few decades, non-profit groups have been emerging across the world to help fight for civil, human and migrant rights. These particular organizations are primarily focused on advocating for human rights at different context or in other words speak out on behalf of human rights violations.

The many human rights groups have remained on the front line in protecting the well-being of people particularly those in the third-world countries who are affected by war crimes, torture, slavery, as well as ethical discrimination among many other acts.

Today, every democratic country has adopted the principle of international human rights and humanitarian law. Therefore, the culprits of human rights violations have no advantage as they can be apprehended and prosecuted even in a foreign country even if they hold higher positions in their government.

The Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights (CHIRLA) is among the few groups that advocate for immigrant rights. The organization which is stationed in California had advocated for the rights of many immigrants.

Also, there is The Advocates for Human Rights, an organization that has been in play since 1983. This independent organization has over time now been advocating for all-inclusive change on a local, national and global scale. Also there is the Larkin & Lacey Frontera Fund, one of the most respected human rights activist.

About the Larkin & Lacey Frontera Fund

The Larkin & Lacey Frontera Fund is among the few distinguished non-profit that works on the front line when it comes to spearheading the fighting against the human rights violation. The independent group is stationed in Arizona. As its name implies, the group was established by Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin.

Over the past few years, the group has been acknowledged for its outward effort when it comes to supporting groups advocating for human rights all around Arizona.

The duo journalist established the group from the $3.75 million cash they had received as a settlement after being arrested wrongfully in 2007. The two had published a story about Sheriff Joe Arpaio which saw them arrested and jailed.

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The Amazing Imran Haque’s Medical Career

Mr. Imran Haque is a well-respected internist providing professional medical care in Asheboro of North Carolina. Imran performs his duties at Horizon Internal Medicine which is a medical group that is committed to the delivery of high-quality healthcare for the people living in Ramseur, Asheboro and all the areas in the vicinity. Dr. Imram has for many years established himself as one of the most notable medical expert in internal medicine with a wide experience range of over 15 years. Due to his extended years in experience, Dr. Imran can treat a high number of illnesses and conduct various physical exams which need his expertise. He also provides his patients with referrals when necessary.

Imran outstanding career in Internal medicine started after receiving his medical degree from the Universidad Iberoamericana, a university from where he graduated with honors. Later on, Dr. Imran went to the University of Virginia at the Internal Medicine Roanoke-Salem program. Dr. Imran grounded himself in the field of internal medicine during his stay at that university. After very completing his training in both universities, Dr. Imran got a license that allowed him to practice medicine in the area of North Carolina. Apart from this, Dr. Imran is registered in the maintenance of the certification program for Internal medicine.

Those patients that need medical attention in the area of internal medicine are normally seen by Dr. Imran at his practice called the Horizontal Internal Medicine. This facility is highly committed to offering services of high quality to all the people that live in North Carolina, Asheboro and Ramseur. The practice prides itself on being in the forefront in internal medicine treatment and consultancy. A lot of people go on to make Horizontal Internal medicine and Dr. Imran their most preferred choice.


Women First-Whitney Wolfe

Bumble is mostly referred to as women dating app. It is a unique dating app in such a way that women have a chance to make the first move and determine who to date at the end of the day. This did not come easy either and the founder of the online dating organization had to go through harsh and hard moments to decide that the only thing he can do is to establish something which will put women in the forefront. Whitney wolf was the co-founder of Tinder another famous dating app in the United States. However, she had to quit due to sexual harassment. According to the founder and the Chief Executive Officer of Bumble dating app, the best business comes when one wants to solve something which his personally painful.

Bumble dating app was born out of pain and insults which Ms. Whitney went through. Bumble Dating app has its Headquarters located in Austin, Texas, and through the years the app has been developing and expanding. Although Bumble was founded basically as a dating app, it also has a responsibility of connecting best friends as well as business partners which is their latest app. Bumble BFF, gives individuals a chance to meet good friends who one can hook with for the purpose of friendship and not date. On the other hand, Bumble bizz connects business people who are like-minded and would love to share their experience and skills with their colleagues.

Whitney Wolfe was born in Lake City, Utah and after her High School graduation; she attended Southern Methodist University where she learned International Studies. Ever since she was young, she was business minded and she began business while still in college, she was selling bamboo tote bags to areas that were affected by BP oil spill. At only 22 Whitney joined Hatch Lab and later she co-founded Tinder another dating app. After Whitney quitted Tinder she co-founded Bumble with Andree Andreev. Recently the Chief Executive Officer of the feminine dating app; Bumble did a colorful wedding. Whitney Wolfe proved to the world and every woman in the world that love is real and one can get a true lover. The wedding took place in Italy. Ms. Wolfe married her love, Michael Herd. The wedding was attended by many of their friends, family, and workmates including; Amber Venz Box, and Sophia Amoruso.

To know more visit @: www.forbes.com/profile/whitney-wolfe/

End Citizens United Sets Sights On Campaign Finance Reform

End Citizens United has been tasked with the unenviable job of trying to take back the United States government from the greedy and prying hands of special interests and corporate donors. End Citizens United is a political action committee that is being led by Tiffany Muller.

Their goal is to raise enough grassroots funding in order to help elect legislators who are willing to stand by campaign finance reform. The mess that the United States is in as a country can be dated back to the decisions made by the conservative group Citizens United, led by James Bopp. Let’s look at how history has been shaped by one party’s commitment to upending the value of American democracy.

James Bopp is a lawyer who has made it his mission in life to attack the very foundations upon which the United States government is built. Bopp leads the conservative group Citizens United and for the past decade he has been in charge of attacking the value of the American vote in as subtle a way as possible. His first assault began in 2010 when Bopp approached the Supreme Court in order to make the insane argument that corporations should be considered people and that corporate donations should be considered an extension of their free speech. Bopp’s argument seized upon decades old legislation in order to pass the sniff test before ultimately being accepted by the Supreme Court.

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We can track the degradation of the United States’ political discourse in a direct line from the 2010 Supreme Court decision. Unfortunately many individuals on the right wing of America’s politics are in favor of having corporations take control of the government. Still, that doesn’t mean that everybody is sitting idly by. That is where End Citizens United comes into play and why Tiffany Muller’s work is so important to the future of America.

End Citizens United seeks to take power out of the hands of the corporate lobbyists who put millions of dollars to work every year swaying politicians. The goal of End Citizens United is to make the government once again work for the American people rather than the American corporation. End Citizens United is doing that by working directly with small time donors and grassroots activists who are willing to put in the work needed to fundraiser and make a change. Over the past three months End Citizens United has raised nearly $4 million in donations from 100,000 donors. The average donation amount is just $12 per person. Of these donors nearly 40% of them are donating for the first time, meaning that they are ready and willing to strike back against the destructive regime that Donald Trump has adopted in the White House.

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Amazing Leadership Skills from a Woman, Lori Senecal

Lori Senecal holds the Global CEO position in Crispin Porter + Bogusky commonly referred to as CP+B. At some point in her life, Lori talked about the best ways to build conversations that end up bringing innovative and creative ideas. She believes that the perfect way to come up with those fantastic ideas is to let them flow from people’s minds. A few years ago, Lori decided to educate the KBS+ employees on how to be innovators. Most companies are used to pass ideas for the employees to work on them, but none of them have been able to improve their employees’ power of the mind.

The only way to tap into the workers’ power of the mind can be achieved by providing a free space for management and the employees. Such an environment allows discussions between the two, and this is where new ideas can come from, including the implementation process. The management can also move an extra mile and offer their employees with the resources as well as mentoring and guidance. Disclosing the company’s goals to the employees increases the output because this strategy integrates the workforce. Several ways can bring the innovative thinking spirit such as coming up with challenges, contests, innovation days, platforms, strategy reviews and much more. Lori Senecal held a competition at KBS+, which was meant to recognize the employees with the best innovative ideas. The winners were two young workers who came up with a stunning idea that has so far proved to be worthy and amazing.

In her statement on Ad Week, the whole point of involving employees is the fact that they also feel excited when an idea they brought becomes successful. Feeling part of the company makes the employees work extra hard to achieve the organization’s goals. Lori Senecal is a woman known for her expertise and leadership skills. She has an eye for recognizing talent, and this has led to CP+B growth and success. The company deals with advertisements, and they have been branded as the Creativity Innovators of the Year. Lori has steered the company to enormous growth. Lori has worked for other enterprises including KBS and in different offices of the McCann Worldgroup. Lori can positively transform companies. Read more about Lori on blogwebpedia.com.

Watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NjY-yKuLlcw

ClassDojo: Making Education Exciting and Fun For Everyone

Can children in the K-8 sector enjoy and appreciate their education? Learning has a new face with the ClassDojo app.

ClassDojo is a communication app that provides a way for teachers, students, and parents to connect. Educators find that they are motivated to teach, as the classroom app allows them to create the best possible learning atmosphere so that everyone benefits. Children become excited enough to want their parents involved right away through sharing anything and everything, like photos and videos. Imagine students, parents, and teachers afforded the opportunity to learn and discover from one another. Also, proud youngsters can show off their projects to their parents right away.

Aside from receiving a creative learning environment and sharing, ClassDojo instills good moral character and positive thinking. The world without and within the classroom walls is filled with people having a variety of beliefs and experiences. Empathy is taught through the ClassDojo program “Making Caring Common”, in which the students can “interview and express gratitude toward” those who go “unnoticed” within the community.

It seems the ClassDojo app arrives in the nick of time as showing empathy is declining among college students: contributing factors could be the widespread use of social media, increased violence and bullying, and the changes in family and parenting dynamics.

One teacher who uses the ClassDojo app, Jennifer Ellison, teaches her students about “compassion and respect” through the app’s collection of “five-minute videos”. The silly monster videos helped Ellison’s fifth-grade class guide her toward a better way of assisting one fellow student that has special needs.

Don’t be fooled by fun and excitement: ClassDojo takes education seriously.

Greg Secker Helps Traders Learn Valuable Tips For Succeeding in Forex Trading

Greg Secker is responsible for the Greg Secker Foundation. The original start of the foundation was to help individuals learn early on how to use the skills they have to shape their future instead of failing life and learning at 35 that they have not lived the way they could have lived. The start came with the Youth Leadership Summit and once they managed to have famous names speaking, they individuals learned tips they needed for health, wealth and even relationships from speakers at the conferences.

Greg has recently been named as someone to the board of Ambassadors for City Philanthropy. By being the ambassador, Greg is able to help shape and inform the city about the things that are going on around the UK. He is working hard to bring in more entrepreneurs as well as business owners to participate in helping others out. The goal is to have others help out without simply signing a check and donating it to a charity. By helping out other than signing a check, the core of the business is also being helped.

Greg believes that all people should have access that they need in order to make those life decisions to help change lives. It is not the money that people need to help them make things happen, it is the tools that they need in order to make those same things happen. Greg is helping others to learn how they can generate their own cash by helping them to learn how to make the important changes to their lives in order to succeed.

Greg Secker has previous experience with Thomas Cook Financial Services and at 25, he was named as the Vice President of the Mellon Financial Corporation. It was with these jobs that he learned everything he needed to know about financial traders. He opted to retire from the business in 2003 where he instead started working as a full time trader in forex. He opened his home up to the virtual trading floor within his very own living room and to help mentor others to the trading strategies they need for becoming successful in forex trading.


What you need to Know Concerning Matthew Autterson’s Career Background

With over 20 years of experience in the financial services sector, Matthew Autterson’s served in numerous positions throughout his career. Mathew Autterson also got the chance to serve as the president of a leading state chartered financial institution in the U.S.

Academic and Professional Background

Autterson has a bachelor’s of arts degree in finance that he earned after graduating from Michigan State University back in 1980. He was ambitious about furthering his studies after earning his first undergraduate degree. He later decided to enroll in the University of Denver for a graduate course in taxation.

After school, Autterson was hired by a subsidiary of Fiserv known as First Trust Corporation. He left the company in 1982 after receiving an offer to work with Integrated Resources, Inc. He worked with a team of financial experts to steer the growth of Colorado State Chartered Trust, which was a newly launched subsidiary of Integrated Resources. His career took a different turn after he was elected as the president of Resources Trust Company back in 1986.

Resources Trust Company

Resources Trust Company is the leading FDIC-insured and state-chartered depository trust companies in the United States. The financial services institution excels in enabling over 200,000 clients to access depository and custodial services. With a workforce comprising of 700 employees, the institution managed over $1 billion in deposits and $20 billion in custodial assets.

As the president of Resources Trust, Autterson supervised over 15,000 registered independent financial advisors. The role of these experts was to bring new clients to acquire Resources Trust’s depository and custodial services.

Resources Trust Company operated as a branch of Integrated Resources. The subsidiary bought by Broad Inc. and renamed to SunAmerica, Inc. In 1998, AIG successfully acquired SunAmerica for $18 billion. Fiserv, a company that Autterson previously worked for, acquired Resources Trust Company from AIG, its competitor in the financial services market.

Autterson’s Board Membership Roles

Matthew Autterson previously served as a member of the famed World Presidents Organization and the prominent Young Presidents Organization. As a philanthropist, he was appointed to serve on the Board of Directors of Falci Adaptive Biosystems. His appointment came after he served as a member of Board of the Denver Zoo and Denver Zoological Foundation. Autterson was also the chair of the Board of Directors of Denver Hospice.

Autterson currently serves as CEO, president and board member of a clinical-stage drug development company known as CNS Biosystems. It was founded back in 2013 by a renowned scientist known as Scott Falsi to focus on neuropathic pain.


Vijay Eswaran and the making of QI group of companies.

Vijay Eswaran is the current group chairman and founder of the QI group of companies. He was born in Penang on 7 October 1960 and later moved to the UK for an education where he graduated from the London School of Economics with a socioeconomic degree.

As a champion for academic excellence, he kept his hunger for more qualifications alive receiving professional accreditation from the professional body CIMA (UK) after which he moved to the US and studied for his MBA at the Southern Illinois University. Vijay joined Synaptics a computer hardware developer and became very interested in multi level marketing marking the beginning of a long and very prosperous career in that field.

In 1998 after returning to his home country Malaysia he started a company that primarily dealt with multilevel marketing this was later to grow into what is now the QI group of companies a very dynamic and successful conglomerate with returns of over 750 million dollars as of the last financial year.

They have interest in various sectors which include retail, travel & hospitality, financial services & corporate investments, education, media, telecommunication and much more. These businesses are spread in over 20 countries. Read more: Vijay Eswaran | Professional Profile – LinkedIn

Vijay Eswaran has been recognized for his business acumen and management excellence by various organizations and has gone on to win various awards as a result they include the Lifetime Regional Philanthropy award a reward given by the Malaysian prime minister that recognized his philanthropic efforts geared towards the uplifting of human life through community development programs as well as mentor ship programs for young people through his very own Vijayaratnam Foundation.

He also initiated the RYTHM Foundation a CSR branch of the QI group which focuses on all other countries that his companies operate in.

In 2013 the same year which he won the Malaysian CEO of the year Forbes magazine named him as the 25th richest person in Malaysia.

Vijay Eswaran is an author with four books published between the years 2005 and today he also has one more dedicated to a collection of his photography titled “On the Wings of Thought.’

He has made various speaking appearances mostly on management and business development at the World economic forum as well as the 6th Pravasi Bharatiya Divas held in India.He continues to be a firm believer of disruptive business trends and their endless potential.

Learn more about Vijay Eswaran:

Dato Vijay Eswaran: From taxi driver to worth over $500 million dollars

Executive Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi’s Endorsements To Bradesco

In 2015, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi became the president of Brazil’s top insurance company, Bradesco. The 56-year-old, executive, is highly ranked in Brazil. His success is attributed to his great headship style that focuses primarily on service delivery through numerous financial channels. These include marketing, insurance, and pension groups. The banking market in Brazil is highly competitive as evidenced by competition the Itau Unibanco and Bradesco.

Itau Unibanco was Brazil’s leading bank when Bradesco was experiencing financial challenges. The previous president, Cypriano, despite his few achievements at Bradesco, had encountered financial problems. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi, however, managed to take over the lead in the Brazilian banking market by purchasing HSBC. The Brazilian branch HSBC was a $ 5.2 billion investment move, which was a great coup for Bradesco. For a short period, the company emerged the top in the financial sector.

The executive was born and raised in Marilia. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi studied at Sao Paulo University, and right after school, he was employed as a clerk at Bradesco. This was the beginning of his journey into this remarkable career. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi was then promoted to the company’s marketing and pension department. Later on, within a short period of only six years, he managed to work his way up to the top seat. His innovativeness and high experience enabled him to organize leaders in a manner that was productive to Bradesco. He assigned leaders to various positions according to their experience. For instance, Renato Ejnisman was one of the many professionals that Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi employed. According to him, Renato was highly experienced. He had worked with various banks in Boston and America, as an Executive Director. This, according to him, would play a great role in Bradesco’s victory.

There have been great results in Bradesco’s performance since Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi’s election. For instance, the bank’s market value received grew from US $5 billion to US $ 30 billion within nine years. Also, Bradesco also achieved a total of 23% to 25 % market share growth. Lastly, the insurance company’s contribution profit rose from 26% to 35%. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi primarily focused on putting Bradesco in the global market. Through this, Brazil’s economy experienced significant improvements, and until today, there have been vast changes to Brazil economy including the insurance sector. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is a leader with great intentions, his successful history in banking and insurance, has enabled various achievements to many businesses. The president of Brazil’s leading insurance company, DINHEIRO nominated him as an influential Insurance Personality. This occurred twice in 2003 and 2007.

Through his excellent skills in banking, he was able to improve Brazil’s insurance sector. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi achieved this when he advocated for broker investment. For these reasons, various executives have appreciated Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi’s efforts as the most professional executive ever witnessed in the Brazilian economy. Besides, Brazil has made many achievements through him, especially on commercial and economic projects. Luiz Carlos has been featured among big media names. Also, he has been in various business columns of different financial and investment magazines. As a financial icon, Bradesco has a reason to have appointed him as its CEO. In turn, this has led to massive economic growth. Luiz Carlos Trabuco states that his company’s affluence depends on productive and enormous investments in the insurance and banking sectors. According to him, Brazil’s ever-growing population remains Bradesco’s driving force. He further appeals to the government that, it is important that it upholds social welfare through extensive investments in the insurance sector.

Learn more about Luis Carlos Trabuco Cappi: https://br.investing.com/news/mercado-de-a%C3%A7%C3%B5es-e-financeiro/bradesco-retomada-de-credito-a-partir-do-fim-de-2017-diz-trabuco-508466