Chris Burch; Giving Entrepreneurship a Different Dimension

Chris Burch is the founder and CEO of The Burch Creative Capital. The major purpose of his company is to come up with competitive ideas that would apply to people’s lives. These ideas are solely dependent on flexible, dynamic people, and also brilliant ideas that have outstanding momentum. Chris relates their success to a philosophy whereby they express their vision for the new market opportunity through creativity in skill and sound financial practices.

Nurturing new companies, according to Chris, has become hard due to the lack of flexibility by young entrepreneurs. The company is only able to nurture those with the willingness to make it happen. Amongst the numerous ideas present today, Burch acknowledges unique ideas, for instance, municipal lighting. Lack of unique ideas is because many entrepreneurs prefer repetitive concepts that have been done over and over.

Experience and time have taught Chris the art of taking risks, and he even states that it is an eye opener to more creativity. Technology, in a big way, has helped him do his work more efficiently. Mr. Burch finds joy in seeing other people successful, and that means he becomes more enthusiastic about giving back to the society.  More articles on

Chris Burch sees a brighter future for his company and has the vision to develop better ways for people to live. Among the initiatives to achieve this is coming up with small living spaces and unique communities. He further states that humility and curiosity are important for new entrepreneurs to consider.

Burch’s Background Information

Chris Burch was born on 28th March, 1993, in Miami. He began his career in 1976 while still a student at Ithaca College. Being an active investor and entrepreneur, he has served in various industries for approximately forty years. Chris has made investments in both domestic and international ventures. Some of these include luxury homes in Palm Beach, Florida, and Southampton among others. For Burch timeline activities, click

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Mr. Burch has a vast and diverse business background in several other industries like fashion and technology. His company has received several awards including ED by Ellen De Generes, Poppin, and Cocoon 9 among others. His ability to differentiate between implementation and innovation has boosted his success and growth of Burch Creative Capital.  Check

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