Marketing and advertising is a very challenging field for most of the small business owners. White Shark Media has brought a solution to such business where they offer to cater for the advertising and campaign needs of their customers. Over the years, there has been complaints and compliments regarding how the company conducts its business. Unlike many institutions, White Shark Media has used the reviews received to make a better working platform for their customers and to increase their efficiency.

One of the complaints that the company has received concerns their communication with their clients. For example, many of their clients said that contacting their contact person was a very frustrating process. To cater for this complaint; the company came up with protocols to improve the communication. As a start; upon registration, the clients are given the contact details of their contact person together with that of the supervisor in charge of the person. Through this the customers can communicate with the company in a more effective way through talking to their contact persons directly. The company also started the use of GoToMeeting to communicate and review their monthly progress with their clients. This way the client and the SEM Strategist use the online conference tool to go through the results and the AdWords Account together. The clients have received the said protocols well, saying that they have helped to better the communication process.

Some of the complaints were regarding the working of the advertising company. As a new company, some clients complained about the way their needs were handled. Some even claimed that they could not keep track of the advertisements and the accounts created for them. One of the customers claimed that they were paired up with a person who completely disregarded their preferences and needs. The company handled these complaints by first ensuring that the customers understand every aspect of their new campaigns even before it was set up. They also availed the Senior SEM Consultants to overlook and guide the whole transition process. These consultants are always available for questions and follow ups thereafter.

The company has also responded to some of the complaints by a compete revaluation of their work. One of such complaints is one where the customers claim that the previous campaigns worked better than the new ones. The company responded by changing its strategy to incorporate the aspects of the previous campaign that still work in line with the customer’s need in the new campaign. While most of changes effected through the response to the customers have changed some aspects of the business, White Shark Media has found a way of offering better services to their customers through the reviews they receive from them. For businesses that use digital marketing, there is no better company to work with.

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