Rona Borre’s Exceptional Matching Skills Set Her Staff Augmentation Firm Apart

Rona Borre’s Chicago-based Instant Alliance is the staff augmentation firm that prides itself on making exceptional matches; Boore and her team excel at discovering technology or finance talent who are an ideal fit for the client’s organizational cultural. Borre built her multi-million dollar business by placing an equal emphasis on understanding what type of environment that consultants wanted to work in, as well as her client’s technical needs. Borre would not send a candidate who thrived on structure to a laid-back company; both her clients and her talent appreciate the matches that Instant Alliance makes, which helped her company grow rapidly. For more articles about Borre, click

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Frequently featured in the Chicago Tribune, Borre talked about how, as the CEO, she added the human touch to her firm’s dealings with clients and IT professionals seeking temporary or permanent career opportunities. Other top tier publications featuring Borre include USA Today, CNN, CNBC and Crain’s Chicago, where she told interviewer Genevieve Thiers that Chicago had an exciting tech scene, which presented a number of opportunities for Instant Alliance.  Watch related clips on


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