The World View Of George Soros

George Soros’ standards, ethics, and principals were largely shaped by his childhood. Raised as a Jew in Hungary during the second World War, the experience and dangers faced by the Soros family left a life-long impression on young George. From that time forward, Soros has remained on the forefront of the struggle to right the wrongs of the world. He takes the lead in what he regards as human-rights issues — immigration reform, judicial reform, penal reform, and religious freedom. Not only does Soros wholeheartedly support these issues, he inspires others to do likewise.

During the 2016 campaign, George Soros contributed $25 million to support Clinton and other liberal candidates and causes. Soros not only supported Clinton but energetically opposed Trump and accused Trump of fear mongering and blamed the Trump rhetoric for empowering Isis.

Within the Democratic Party, Soros is regarded as an influential political rainmaker and a catalyst to funding liberal causes. Once he commits to a cause, other major contributors line up in support.

Many believed that after the 2016 election he would retreat into the same political semi-retirement that he went into after the 2004 election and concentrate his energies on his international foundations. The vital interests of the current political cycles have energized George Soros and strengthened his resolution and sense of purpose. Soros has rededicated himself to the causes he holds dear.

Even with the 2016 Clinton loss and Trump victory, Soros continues to be a mover and shaker within the Democratic Party. He and his supporters decided to support liberal policies on and candidates at the state level during the mid-term elections. Soros’ group likes to point out that Clinton won the popular vote by approximately three million votes.

Over the last three election series on, Soros supporters have spent more than half a billion dollars to support causes and candidates they believe in. In 2016, Soros seemed motivated both by faith in Donald Trump.

Among the liberal political action committees favored by Soros and his supporters were Priorities USA Action on Snopes, which supported Hillary Clinton, American Bridge 21st Century, a think tank opposing Republican candidates, Immigrant Voters Win, which encourages voter turnout among Hispanic voters, Voting Rights Trust, devoted to fighting Republican voter suppression and encouraging Democrats to vote, Senate Majority PAC, supporting Democratic candidates to the U.S. Senate, and Planned Parenthood Votes, supporting candidates in favor of Planned Parenthood.

George Soros is back – and he is pulling out all of the stops well into the future.

Talk Fusion’s 30-Day Free Trials for Consumers All over the World

Talk Fusion’s 30-Day Free Trials for Consumers All Over the World
In an exciting event in April, Talk Fusion launched its ‘try before you buy’ product. The project has been in the pipeline for a while. After intensive care and consultation, it then became ready for use by the public. Talk Fusion is the global leader in video communication. The products basically enable people to record videos, upload it to a platform and send the video as an email.

The launch is meant to give clients an opportunity to experience the product on their own to establish its usefulness and convenience. The user gets tutorials on many of its features and eventually be comfortable with it before making the option to purchase. This trial period goes on for thirty days. Unlike a full purchase of the Talk Fusion products, to get the trial period experience, a client does no more than provide a name and an email address. After the thirty day period has ended, a user could decide to buy the software if it fits their purpose. At this stage, the client is at liberty to explore more of what talk fusion has to offer. It is an excellent example of getting value for your money.

The rationale behind this is that Talk fusion brings a certain novel complexity to the market. There have been videos and emails before but not a video in an email like this. With Talk Fusion, you have the option of saving your video messages and of using the various templates that Talk Fusion has to offer.

Talk Fusion serves both personal correspondences and video marketing. It is ideal in a business set-up because it combines both visual and audio marketing which carries a wider scope of messages that any of them on their own. It is an exciting product; it is fun, speedy and most importantly convenient.


Desiree Perez gives her Services to Tidal

Many people who have worked with Desiree Perez know the lady as a strong negotiator. Many have been heard describing her as a strong-willed woman who will always ensure that he can get what he wants in life. Because of her excellent services, many young musicians have seen many developments because she has helped and mentored many artists including Jay-Z. With the helped of Desiree, Jay-Z has worked hard to get to the top of the industry. He is probably the best rapper who has made lucrative amount from the business. Jay-Z has achieved such success because of working with someone who is good at decision making and who knows the way to go when it comes to the signing of deals.  Based on

Now, Desiree is helping Jay-Z to make a transition from the rap world to music streaming world. Music streaming is a business that requires a careful examination and strong leadership. If the firm succeeds, there is a probability of making real money, and Jay-Z is heading in that direction. His company has started to attract fans, and that translates to incomes. Remember that if your enterprise does not succeed in attracting fans, you can be forced to get to your pocket to pay the artists with your money. Tidal is a company that is among the best companies that pay musicians some lucrative amounts. That is why some talented musicians such as Kanye West, T.I and Rihanna can showcase their music with Tidal.

It is true that Desiree Perez is the best in that leadership position. She is a hard working lady who has led many successful deals. She has helped Beyoncé to land a deal and Rihanna too. With the leadership of Desiree, Tidal will recover and even beat other companies that have been in the industry. Many people have already started signing up as trial users, and this is attributed to the leadership of Desiree because she knows how to lure customers.


Set Up an Appointment With The Sunny Plumber in Tucson, Arizona

Unfortunately, there are a vast array of homes in our communities who have less than optimally performing sets of drains and pipelines. Such instances of inadequacy in the performance of plumbing systems may exist from leaky pipelines, dysfunctional drains, rusty metal components, and much more. You will want to ensure that you are contacting the right group of professionals to resolve any and all problems that you may have to achieve excellence in the overall functionality of your property. Please do not hesitate to contact The Sunny Plumber of Tucson, Arizona so that they will give you what you need to achieve absolute excellence in the performance of your property’s set of drains, pipelines, and all of its interconnected components.

If you are unsure about whether certain issues are existing within your home’s drains, pipelines, and interconnected components or not, please feel free to contact one of the professionals of The Sunny Plumber so that you can set up a time for the technicians to take a look at your property to see whether some issues are going undetected. They will utilize technologically advanced equipment and machinery to detect any issues that may be able to pinpoint by simply looking at it. Due to homes holding significant values for homeowners, it is highly recommended that you contact a plumber who is renowned for proficiency in the work that they provide so that you may be able to take advantage of an opportunity in which you may be able to either retain the property’s value or even increase it.


Founder of Ascendant Capital: Jeffry Schneider

jeffry schneider headshot

Throughout his career, Jeffry Schneider has worked for Axiom Capital Management, Paradigm Global Advisors, Merrill Lynch, Alex Brown and Smith Barney.  Jeffry Schneider founded Ascendant Capital, LLC, an investment firm that raises funds for alternative asset fund sponsors. Through Jeffry Schneider’s guidance, his company has grown exponentially.

The culture surrounding Ascendant Capital is believed to play a large role in the company’s success. Ascendant Capital relies on a strong, trusting relationship between team members. Jeffrey Schneider believes that a happy workplace is the key to a well-run business.

Jeffry Schneider is not all business, he is also heavily invested in helping his fellow man. He is involved in many charitable organizations including, God’s Love We Deliver, Cherokee Home for Children, the Gazelle Foundation, and Wonders and Worries.

Bruce Levenson Works to Sell Hawks

During the finalizing process of the sale on the Atlanta Hawks. The group that bought the team is led by Anthony Ressler. During that point of the deal, three people have revealed this. However, they have asked to remain anonymous due to them being forbidden to talk about the subject until after the deal is complete.

The group that is led by Anthony Ressler includes former Basketball star of the NBA, Grant Hill. Grant Hill used to be a famous basketball player before his retirement. The other member of the group is Jesse Itzler, who has co-founded the Marquis Jet. According to, Bruce Levenson has received an offer of $850 million for the Hawks.

The following Wednesday, the deal was announced by the Hawks. Ressler has released a statement that has expressed his appreciation and excitement at being chosen as the new owners of the Hawks. He has expressed a lot of respect and admiration of the process for of approval of the NBA for the sale.

The pricing was seen as a reflection of the strength of the NBA team. It also gives a good sign as to the potential of the market. One thing that is considered in the evaluation of the strength of the team is the deals being made both local and national media deals. The price is going to definitely have a positive outlook about it. Bruce Levenson has profited well from the sale of the team.

What remains is what is next for Bruce Levenson. However, he can look back on the experience he had of owning the Atlanta Hawks. Meanwhile, under new ownership, the Atlanta Hawks have a few changes to look forward to. However, fans can expect some of the same qualities that made the team valuable in the NBA in years to come.


Rona Borre; gradually proving that women can achieve anything they set their mind on.

Rona Borre's Leadership Story
Rona Borre’s Leadership Story

Rona Borre is currently the CEO of the a company she founded in 2001. In most instances, she has been able to stand out as the leading female entrepreneur in Chicago land. Since it was founded, the firm has established a name for itself as woman-owned enterprises becoming famous as years pass by. Apart from becoming famous as years go by, the firm has also been seen to increase its revenue each year. A woman in many continents are viewed as uneducated, stay home moms and not able to lead in any leadership position.

Rona Borre is one woman who has proven all these concepts as myths. Firstly, she heads a multi-billion company, and she is doing well as the CEO. She is also educated as the graduated from the University of Arizona with a degree in Business. Apart from heading her company, Rona is a leader in the Chicago society as holds leadership positions and sits on the board of the Chicago Network, Economic Club of Chicago and the Young Presidents organization. This way she is able to know what her community wants to be done or changed.

As a woman who wants to prove to the world that women can be leaders, she has had a chance to be featured by USA Today, CNN, CNBC, Crain’s Chicago and also ABS 2 Chicago. She has also been awarded as the Enterprising Woman of the Year by the Enterprising Woman Magazine and also honored to be an Influential Woman in business By the Business Ledger. Rona has been a big motivation for many women in the world who are afraid to hold leadership positions.

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Parental Involvement Improves Schools from the Ground Up

Children do better and stay in school longer as a result of families and communities working together to support education. Studies show that children with involved parents, regardless of socio-economic backgrounds, have the following advantages:
• They get better grades and score better on tests.
• They attend school regularly.
• They pass their classes, earn credits and participate in achievement programs.
• They have better social skills and deportment helping them adapt well at school.
• They are more likely to continue on, getting college and graduate degrees.

Connect to

Supporting that aim, ClassDojo partners with parents, teachers and students to empower positive connections and build authentic relationships. The communication platform is currently used in 2 out of 3 schools in the US and in 180 countries around the world in public, private, and charter schools. Founded in 2011, the venture start-up based in San Francisco, California uses technology to create community and increase communication. The ClassDojo app has been compared to Facebook — but for education. The company has an active Facebook page and Twitter account but it is clear to see the difference. ClassDojo helps educators initiate ground-up changes that evolve the process of learning. Click this

Hermant Taneja the Managing Director of General Catalyst, an investor in ClassDojo, is quoted as saying that he sees ClassDojo as “driven by what parents and teachers need…to enhance their kid’s chance of success in life.” Keeping parents involved through regular communication, messages, pictures and videos allows children to feel that they are excelling and meeting expectations to do well in school. According to,
the benefit is improved learning and a positive culture in the classroom. Partnering with parents as a way to build community buy-in also helps teachers sustain connections that will improve student achievement by engaging parents on a regular basis. Hit this related link.

Success Comes To Betsy DeVos In Many Ways

The career of Betsy DeVos has taken many twists and turns over the course of her life, but I believe the need this Michigan native has to help others is a major part of the reason she has been so successful in so many aspects of her life. As the wife of former AmWay group President Dick DeVos, Betsy has worked alongside her husband to source a number of ways to create a better life for people around the world; Betsy has been, in my opinion, as impressive in her political work to push forward the need for education reform as she has been in acting as a philanthropist.

I have been impressed with the work completed through The Windquest Group by Betsy DeVos, who works alongside Dick DeVos to invest in both for profit and not for profit groups; I for one have been impressed by the way Betsy DeVos has made a dedicated bid to fund new investments in Michigan to help the community she has been a part of throughout her life. Among the investments Betsy DeVos has backed are those seeking to protect the environment through the use of clean energy and boxed water, which can be used to quickly transport much needed water supplies to areas affected by disasters in a speedy and environmentally friendly fashion.

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Despite the good works Betsy DeVos has completed as a businessperson and philanthropist I have always found myself looking back to her work in education as the aspect of her life that will live long in the memory. I agree with Betsy DeVos that every aspect of the education industry should be explored when trying to make sure the education provided to U.S. children is as impressive as possible; inviting both the for profit and not for profit sectors to become involved in education reform can only bear fruit for the future of the nation, in my own opinion.

After a visit to the Potter’s House School in Michigan Betsy DeVos has revealed she decided she should become involved in the education reform movement, which was not a mainstream political movement in the 1980s. I have been impressed with the way Betsy DeVos decided taking on a leadership role in the movement would be a good way of making sure the political expertise needed would always be available to those looking to create charter schools, school vouchers programs, and school choice plans across the U.S. I believe Betsy DeVos also understands the issues facing many low income families in accessing a high quality education for their children and her work to create scholarships through the Alliance for School Choice is an aspect of her work I believe should be admired by people from all sides of the political spectrum.

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A New Way To Cleanse Your Hair

Chaz Dean does more than cut hair; he is a stylist, entrepreneur, photographer and considered by most to be an artist of exceptional skill. After graduating high school in southern California, he moved with his family to Arizona where he studied commercial photography.

Chaz Dean moved to LA to further his photography career but then decided to go to cosmetology school. Once he started he quickly fell in love with it and decided to make hair his full-time career. He started in an upscale salon in Bel Air where on top of cutting and styling hair, he assisted in the creation or hair products. Chaz Dean bought the salon when the opportunity presented itself and immediately went to work building an impressive clientele list, including a host of celebrities. He moved the salon to Hollywood, renamed it the Chaz Dean Studio and started work on developing his own product line that focused on natural cleansing agents without all the harsh chemicals and ingredients of traditional shampoos. Thus, WEN Cleansing conditioner and the WEN products were born.

WEN Cleansing Conditioner is a one-step conditioning and cleansing agent for your hair that focuses on using natural herbs, botanicals and extracts to moisturize and cleanse the hair. This 5-in-1 formula is meant to replace traditional shampoos, conditioners, deep conditioners, detanglers and leave in conditioners and leaves your hair extra moisturized, shiny and manageable. WEN Conditioning Cleanser contains no harsh sulfates, parabens or formaldehyde, common ingredients found in most hair products that strip the hair and scalp of natural and essential oils. Instead his products focus on gently cleansing the hair with natural ingredients that work with your natural oils to leave hair healthy. Dean offers a variety of formulations that focus on specific hair types as well as seasonally varieties that work for all hair types.