ClassDojo Works to Help Classrooms

Classdojo is one of the biggest innovations in the classroom in the past decade. The app has helped people get what they need out of the classroom and has brought things into the 21st century by allowing another level of communication between parents, teachers and students. It is an integral app that includes something for everyone and promises that they will be able to use it. The application is now being used in two out of three classrooms and is expected to expand even further as more people find out about the benefits that come from using it.


Parents can often feel like they are not able to have an open level of communication with their child’s teacher. This leads to many issues and can make them feel like they are not a part of the educational process. With Classdojo, parents can regularly see what their child is doing in the classroom and what they have been rewarded for. The app also allows parents to connect with the teacher by having an integral messaging system. It is an app that is designed to include parents in every step of the educational process and make them feel comfortable with it.


When it comes to teachers in the classroom, they are always looking for new ways that they can reward their students.  The app gives teachers the chance to reward the students without other students knowing. While Class dojo is focused mainly on positive reinforcement, teachers can discreetly take away points from students if they are not doing what they are supposed to be. They always have chances to earn those points back, though.


According to, Students get the most benefits from the Classdojo app. This is because they are able to get the rewards that come with the app and they are able to get a great deal of encouragement from the points that they earn on the app. The points are then able to be translated to real-life prizes. Students can get things in the classroom, like no shoes for a day or a free homework pass, just for accumulating points on the Classdojo app. Many students are excited about the prizes and the rewards that they can earn on the Classdojo app.

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