ClassDojo Bridges The Gap Between Parents and Classrooms

As elementary educator Dianne Rhodes prepares for her third year of teaching the third grade, she is excited to put ClassDojo to use once again. ClassDojo, which launched in 2011 in an effort to connect parents and classrooms through the use of technology, has significantly improved he flow of classrooms and overall communication in schools. Parents appreciate the ability to be involved in their child’s school say from afar. For the parents that suffer from the “first day of school jitters“, ClassDojo provides peace of mind by giving parents the ability to see and be a part of what is taking place in their child’s classroom. Parental involvement and communication are both extremely important factors in a child’s education. Because traditional work schedules often conflict with school schedules, it is difficult for parents to be present. ClassDojo serves as a bride to close that gap, and brings parents and classrooms closer together.

In June of 2011, co-founders of ClassDojo Liam Don and Sam Chaudhary decided that education needed a change. After determining that communication was amongst the most important factors, they began formulating a plan to change the way parents and teacher communicate. Two months later the first version of ClassDojo launched. More than 75 teachers downloaded the app and put it to use in their classrooms. Much like social media platforms Instagram and SnapChat, ClassDojo allows teachers to upload and share classroom moments and lessons with parents. It also allows parents the chance to communicate with the teacher about different projects and assignments, and to praise their child for their accomplishments.

Life goes by so fast. When we are in routine, we often tend to forget things outside of the norm.  Our children learn so much throughout the school day, but often times, projects and accomplishments are lost in the shuffle of the evening rush. These discussions are important in order to show our children that we not only support them, but we encourage their efforts in school. The team at Class Dojo hopes that the platform will serve as an advocate for parental involvement during and beyond the school day.

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