Sanjay Shah and Solo Capital Markets Influence the World of Investing

Sanjay Shah is CEO (Chief Executive Officer) and founder of Solo Capital Markets, a London based investment firm. Mr. Shah started out studying medicine, but soon decided such a field was not for him. He switched to the field of accounting and worked for companies such as Morgan Stanley, Merrill Lynch and Credit Suisse before starting his own firm, Solo Capital.

Sanjay Shah was inspired to start his own firm when the financial world went into a tail spin and he was on the verge of being unemployed as new employment opportunities were not as plentiful as they once were. He decided a leap of faith was necessary to remain steadfast in his chosen field and using all his experience and knowledge and his unorthodox thinking, he started his own company.

The company was incorporated in 2011 and has grown into a recognized boutique investment firm. Mr. Shah has assembled a team of highly professional, experienced and accomplished investment professionals and together they focus on consulting, proprietary trading and sports investments.

The consulting segment includes investment and performance; proprietary trading includes FX trading, commodities and derivatives and the sports investment arena includes talent acquisition, commercial advisory and representation and asset and performance management.

Sanjay has guided the company from humble beginnings to a world class investment firm and it is known for honesty, integrity and personalized service to clients. His team has the ability to create the right product vehicle to help clients reach their goal and maintain integrity and financial structure.

Solo Capital handles assets with a value of £67,451,122.00 ($96,123,848.26). The company, using the principles set forth by its founder has maintained their portfolio of customers and value with attention to detail and impeccable customer service. Even though Sanjay considers himself retired, he still has a hand in the company operation and his influence is always with the company and within the investment industry.


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