Talk Fusion Steps Up To The Plate Again With Even Better Tech

Since the launch of Talk Fusion not too long ago, the company has been steamrolling momentum it seems. Their original video emailing system has just gotten better. How, you may ask? They have just added WebRTC functionality to their communications service. The new system allows for (browser-based real-time communication) for Chrome and Firefox browsers. The developers of the new technology have been hard at work perfecting this great offering from the company.

This new step will make for much smoother communication, due to instant recording, faster playback and much improved synchronization. It’s not that it was bad before or anything. It’s just better now. Jeff Younger, one of the developers of Talk Fusion stated “We use these advanced, cutting edge technologies to build rich, high-quality, real-time communications applications for our members.” Bob Reina, CEO and founder of Talk Fusion furthered the statement by saying “Talk Fusion is one of the first companies to really incorporate WebRTC technology into our products.”

The result here is super high definition clarity with real-time functionality. The simple interface is already in use on the specified browsers. All you have to do differently is click the webcam recording option via the dashboard. To top off all of this great news, the company is also offering a risk free 30 day free trial to boot. It’s no skimpy trimmed down trial either.

This is surely not the last innovation that we’ll be hearing of from this fast growing new company. The innovation of video emailing was already fantastic. This new tech is just icing on the cake for their members. For the whole article from PR Newswire, just click the link here.

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